Primus Property was established to break the mould of traditional property management. It has revolutionised student accommodation. We recognised the shortfall of student accommodation to the 70,000 students and staff of UNSW and have developed a superior student accommodation model.

Primus Property has a great deal of experience in designing, building, fitting out and running accommodation specifically designed for students, and continue to do so.

We currently have additional facilities in the pipeline and under construction.

We concentrate on providing a Secured environment with the focus on welfare and safety. Swipe card access to the building, to provide accommodation instrumental in maximising their study.

Our office is located within a short walking distance to the UNSW and the student accommodation properties we manage.

All student accommodation properties are located within a short distance, short walk to the University, a five minute walk.

A Caretaker/manager lives at the property and is available for all students for any enquiries and to facilitate a clean and safe and peaceful environment.

We tailor make accommodation to meet every students needs whilst studying and living in Sydney and attending the various Universities and learning institutions.