At Primus property we offer a number of extra inclusions for your son’s/daughters arrival for a smooth and safe transition to their stay in Sydney, being away from home.

An initial service is provided for son’s/daughters comfort, this is to help them set up services that will be required upon arrival.  Please see below, price on application.


Orientation Package

* Airport Pick up                          

* Deliver your son/daughter to our office for the contract to be signed and to obtain the keys to the property, they will also be transferred to the property.

* Opening a bank account        

* Obtaining an opal Card/travel card

* Obtaining phone sim card                                          


Services provided for room set up

* Linen pack purchased and provided in the room prior to arrival                

* Kitchen pack (plates/glasses/utensils etc, all necessities)                            

* Bathroom pack (towels, toilet paper, shampoo, soap)       


Additional  fees

* Late check out, after 12.00pm                                             

* Lost room Key                                                                                                     

* Lost swipe card                                                                                                            

* Cleaning of room, organising of cleaners      

* Unauthorised overnight guests                                                                    

Accommodation Placement fee upon acceptance of application $200.00

Anything else you may require, please enquire and we will endeavour to accommodate you.